Livescribe 3 Smartpen FAQs

  • Livescribe 3
  • Which ink cartridges can I use with my Livescribe 3 smartpen?
    • NOTE: Livescribe ink cartridges designed for use with Pulse™, Echo™, Sky™ and Livescribe wifi smartpens will not fit in the Livescribe 3 smartpen.

      We recommend using compatible Livescribe 3 branded replacement ink cartridges. Ink cartridges that meet the same size specifications (67 mm x 2.35 mm diameter) and contain carbon free ink may also be used, though Livescribe does not guarantee the performance of non-Livescribe branded replacement ink cartridges.

  • How do I charge my smartpen?
    • Charge your Livescribe 3 smartpen by plugging the included micro-USB charging cable into the connector located underneath the removable stylus cap of your smartpen. Plug the other end of the cable into your computer’s USB port or an available USB charging adapter.

  • How do I find out how much battery life I still have?
    • Your Livescribe 3 smartpen must be connected to your mobile device. Launch Livescribe+ and you’ll see the smartpen connection icon at top right. The icon color will indicate when your smartpen’s battery is below 50% (yellow) or almost empty (red).

      You can also see a more accurate reading of your smartpen battery level in the Smartpen Settings menu by tapping on the smartpen icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

  • How do I record audio to create pencasts?
    • Livescribe+ uses the built-in mics on your mobile device to record audio. Your Livescribe 3 smartpen works with Livescribe+ to create pencasts – interactive documents that allow you to sync audio to everything you write.

      To create pencasts, make sure your smartpen is on and connected, and that Livescribe+ is the active app on your smartphone or tablet. To start recording, you can either tap the record control printed at the bottom of the pages in your Livescribe notebook, or you can use the microphone button in the Page or Feed view in Livescribe+.

      To play back your pencasts, simply find the relevant pencast in Livescribe+ and use the playback controls within the app. You can also just tap on the notes in your notebook to navigate directly to the page in the app that contains your pencast.

  • What do the different LED colors mean?
    • Blinking Green

      In Pairing Mode, ready to connect to new mobile device.


      Previously paired smartpen is on, charged and ready to be connected.

      Solid Blue

      Powered on, Bluetooth connected to mobile device.

      Solid Red

      Audio recording in process on mobile device.

      Blinking Yellow

      3 Times: Approximately 15% of battery life remaining.
      Blinking Yellow (continuous):Firmware update in process.

  • Dot Paper
  • Livescribe dot paper uses standard paper printed with a unique pattern of dots that allows your smartpen to capture the exact location of everything it writes or draws. Livescribe smartpens only work with Livescribe dot paper.

  • How do the Livescribe 3 Paper Controls work?
    • The Livescribe 3 smartpen reads the controls that are printed on Livescribe dot paper notebooks. Your smartpen recognizes the controls using the unique pattern of dots that accompanies the printed controls and relays the relevant information to Livescribe+.

  • What are the star, flag and label icons that are on my Livescribe notebook pages?
    • The icons are pre-printed controls that allow you to tag your handwritten content. Just tap the relevant icon on the paper and start writing. Once it is synced to your device, Livescribe+ will organize that content into easily viewed groups that can be accessed under Collections in the Left Panel Menu. You can also add tags to snippets from within the Livescribe+ app.

      Livescribe+ for Android does not yet support tagging. Stay turned to our blog for updates.

  • What types of paper does my Livescribe 3 smartpen use?
    • Your Livescribe 3 smartpen is compatible with all Livescribe notebooks. Livescribe dot paper is available at competitive prices in a variety of paper types, bindings, and sizes: blank, lined, or grid paper in spiral-bound notebooks, hard-bound journals, notepads, and even sticky notes.

      Although many Livescribe dot paper products contain controls that are not relevant to the Livescribe 3 smartpen, your smartpen will still work with these notebooks.
      Note: Sound Stickers will not work with Livescribe 3 smartpens.

  • Can I print Livescribe dot paper to use with Livescribe 3 smartpen?
    • Yes. Livescribe dot paper can be printed at home as long as you have a color laser printer that is Adobe PostScript compatible and can print at 600 dpi or higher. The pages you print will work with your Livescribe 3 smartpen in exactly the same way as any other sheet of Livescribe dot paper.

      To ensure your printer can print Livescribe dot paper, we recommend you print a single page from one of the documents below. Test the paper simply by writing on it with your Livescribe 3 and confirm that the content syncs to Livescribe+. Once you’ve confirmed that your printer can print Livescribe dot paper, you can print and use any of the other available documents:

  • Livescribe+ Mobile App
  • The free Livescribe+ app is available from the App Store and Google Play. Please download and install the appropriate app before using your Livescribe 3 smartpen.

  • Where can I find and review my pencasts?
    • In the Feed and Page views, any handwriting that contains corresponding audio will be colored green. You can access pencasts directly from your Feed or Page view by using the View Toggle in the upper toolbar. To access all your pencasts, click on Pencasts in the Left Panel Menu.

  • Can I sync the content from Livescribe+ across multiple phones and/or tablets?
    • You can use your Livescribe 3 smartpen with multiple phones or tablets. Any notes, diagrams and drawings made with your smartpen will be synced to each device separately.

      Since pencasts are recorded using the microphones on your mobile device, they are not transferred to your other devices through your smartpen.

      From your Feed, snippets you’ve tagged, any photos, text snippets and edits you’ve made to the transcribed text will not be transferred…

  • Can I share pencasts?
    • To share a pencast, simply tap the Share icon in the right corner of the bottom toolbar while in the Pencast view. Select which service to use to send or share your pencast. Pencasts are exported as Livescribe PDFs – standard PDF files that contain audio and ink information (metadata).

      Livescribe PDFs can be played back from any device that has Livescribe+ installed. Using the iOS “Open In” function, Livescribe PDF will be imported into Livescribe+ and stored under “Livescribe PDFs” in the main Left Menu Panel. In Android, tap on the pencast file, and when the Open with dialog comes up, select Livescribe+ to import the pencast.

      From any Windows or Mac computer, you can open Livescribe PDFs in any standard PDF reader. You will be able to review your notebook pages and access the audio attachment as a separate file. To playback your pencast, go to and follow the instructions.

  • What is Livescribe Link?
    • The Android version of Livescribe+ also incorporates the separate Livescribe Link app to help manage your wireless connection across apps and test compatibility for your device.

  • How do I access all of my tagged notes?
    • All your tagged snippets are stored as “Collections” and grouped by tag type. Simply open the Left Menu Panel in the Livescribe+ app (by tapping the menu icon at top right or using two fingers to swipe from left to right). Tap on the tag name to access all the snippets in the collection.

  • Tips and Tricks

  • How do I pair my Livescribe 3 smartpen if it doesn’t pair automatically?
    • If your Livescribe 3 smartpen becomes disconnected from your mobile device (Livescribe+ is open and your smartpen LED light is not blue), you may need to reconnect the smartpen. Simply restart your smartpen by twisting the on/off ring so the ink cartridge retracts and extends again. This should restore the connection.

      In some instances, you may need to put your smartpen into pairing mode by tapping on the Device Pairing icon on the inside front cover of your notebook. In the Livescribe+ left menu panel, click on “Connect to Smartpen” under “Settings”.

  • How do I pair my Livescribe 3 to additional devices?
      1. Make sure your smartpen is in Pairing Mode with a blinking green LED. If the LED is not blinking green, tap on the Device Pairing icon inside your notebook cover to put your smartpen in pairing mode.
      2. Open the Livescribe+ app, it should say “New Smartpen Found,” and ask to pair with your smartpen. If not, please tap on the Connect to Smartpen button.
      3. You can pair one Livescribe 3 smartpen with up to four different iOS or Android devices, and your written notes will appear on each device when you connect to the Livescribe+ app on that device.t.
  • How should I care for my Livescribe 3 smartpen?
    • To maximize your smartpen’s life and performance, we recommend that you use Livescribe branded ink cartridges, store it in a protective case or portfolio and keep the smartpen charged. You should avoid touching your smartpen’s camera lens. If you need to clean the lens, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not store in extreme temperatures or expose it to water or any other liquids.

  • What do the 1, 2 and 3 buttons at the top of each page in my Livescribe notebook do?
    • These icons are to maintain compatibility with other smartpen models, and may be used by third-party applications.

  • What shortcut gestures can I use in Livescribe+?
    • For iOS, swiping in Feed: If you swipe any snippet from left to right in the Feed view, you will flip the snippet over to reveal the converted text. Swiping it again will return to the handwriting view.

      1. For photo snippets, flipping the snippet will reveal any text you’ve added to the back.
      2. Two finger swipe: Swiping from left to right with 2 fingers from any section of the app will take you to the left menu panel
      3. Double-tapping the last visible snippet in the Feed will take you to the end of the Feed.
      4. Long-holding on most items will bring up a contextual menu.
  • How do I rename notebooks, pencasts and Livescribe PDFs?
    • In Livescribe+ app you can rename any notebooks, pencasts or Livescribe PDFs. Simply press and hold down on the item’s name in the main menu or on its thumbnail image until the contextual menu appears.

  • Can I delete content from Livescribe+?
      • Yes. To delete a snippet from the Feed, simply swipe that snippet from right to left to reveal the Delete button. You can also delete multiple snippets at one time. Tap the “Select” button in the top right corner, select all the snippet(s) you wish to delete and then tap the Trashcan button in the right corner of the bottom toolbar. Note that any handwriting associated with that snippet will also be erased from the Page and Notebook views.
      • To delete entire notebooks, pencasts or Livescribe PDFs, swipe the item’s name in the Left Panel menu to reveal the Delete button. You can also tap and hold the item’s thumbnail image until the contextual menu appears. Please note, any pencasts and Livescribe PDFs that are deleted will be permanently removed from your device.
  • Can I restore deleted content in Livescribe+?
    • There is currently no way to restore the deleted content in Livescribe+.

      • Any handwritten notes that have been deleted will continue to be stored on your Livescribe 3 smartpen. If you need to restore them, you will need to delete and re-install Livescribe+. Once reinstalled, re-connect your smartpen to sync all the content from your smartpen back into Livescribe+. IMPORTANT: Deleting Livescribe+ deletes all content that you have created from the application itself including audio for pencasts, tags, typewritten memos and any edits to transcribed text.
      • Any deleted Pencasts are permanently deleted.
      • Deleted Livescribe PDFs that were shared with you will need to be re-imported.
  • What is “Find My Pen” in the Smartpen Settings panel?
    • When your Livescribe 3 is connected to Livescribe+, there’s a trick for locating your smartpen should it get misplaced. In Livescribe+, simply tap the Smartpen icon that appears in the top right corner.

      In the Settings panel, scroll to the bottom where you’ll see “Find My Smartpen”. When you tap that button, your Livescribe 3 will start beeping and its LED will flash light blue.